Bingo Australia

 Random Number Selector

Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 999999.
Non-repeat or repeat of winning numbers function.


Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 99.
2 tote or 3 tote
Select duplicate, or no duplicate numbers.


Total raffle numbers sold (Raffle Only)
Number of Spins Function
Recall up to 500 draws
Start and Finish numbers can be shown at any time
Speed selection in raffle number or Tote mode draw

Musical Sounds

Musical Sounds or no Musical Sounds during the draw number function
3 different tunes can be selected when number is selected or tunes can be switched off

58mm x 38mm solid seven segment audience display.
Large RED numbers encased in a yellow casing
Select Push Button Controller with 2.5mt cable.
Numbers can be generated at ten different selectable speeds.
Simple to operate.
Light weight

Size: 355 x 200 x 97mm. 

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